Sunday, July 28, 2013

Little Ghastly Performance

Your dear pal the RRR has mentioned his good buddy Cra-Gar Phil many times and it was his big five-oh-oh B day.  He wanted some crazy "Pyramid O Power" he saw on the telamundo but they wanted way way too many pesos so my rockin little buddy Little Ghastly wanted to make it up to Cra-Gar Phil and do a performance of "Penetration" by The Pyramids at a pyramid.  He waz doing pretty good but he got way too into the song and missed the edge of the stage...oh well, its only rock n roll and we like it.  Happy B Day bro!

Friday, July 12, 2013 even says rat rod on the fire wall.

The grill says street rod, the fire wall says rat rod, the rocker says yesss...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I think I need a dune buggy so I can join a dune buggy gang!

I can roar through the sands hunting monsters and blobs...just like in all them B movies. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Rat Rod Rocker gets Untamed!

My buddy Philomeano done built him the most rocking thrill ride this side of Thunder Road and it is totally "UNTAMED!"  It is my all time numero uno "No Class" award winner and the car I am most likely to steal this summer when I am out jackin rides and caps.

It is the little details that sets coaster of cool apart from flat black masses.  Check out this mill, it's a 430 Barfed Up Icky Carmel Korn motivated by eight holes.

Check out this linkage, only links better is some of my own Rat Rod Rocker Hot Links available at finer retail outlets.

Check out this stance, like a jungle cat!

Check me out Ben Hur-in this bad boy...chicken runs is fer chumps.  You gots to run it old school chariot style from the front!

Man, this thing just distributes the cool everywhere it goes.

Full on "No Class" rat-rific goodness!

Let me get behind the wheel and show ya how good I make it look!

When I go for a ride, I want it ACTION PACKED, here me, ACTION PACKED!

This thing is like a grenade ready to explode on the road!

Wulfman and Cray-gars!

My buddy Silent Eric the Wulfman needs some Cray-gars for his freak-0-the-street and Philomeano and I went on a hunt!  We found some in a dark and mysterious place...

Now the first set in the above video just did not have that rat-ti-tude needed so we kept on lookin and bookin and we found him some Rockets that  had the full on rat-tasic style the Wulfman needs!

Me and my new chick getting it on!

I am a full on Tiki God, bask in it!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Famous Plaque!

My roomie Blato had a melt down so I blew out of his popsicle stand and I am moving into Mini Ghasly Ones mansion.  It is a bit run down but it will creep out the chicks and I can take advantage of it.  When I was packing up my stuff I found this ol plaque.  I used to run with these guys when we were all in a radiant magenta haze.

Rat Rod Rocker Ride of the Decade!

Do I really need to say anymore?

For our dear buddy.

A  certain buddy with a really ratastic aqua A was feeling a litte down at the car hoe down tonight so me and my new best buddy Mini Ghastly One wanted to present him with a special award so he would feel all special and gooey inside.  We luv ya P!