Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wheels in the woods...

I got a call from my buddy Donny Galchick about some wheels in the woods that he said I would be interested in.

Being a big fan of the barn find (cause if you ain't finding barn finds you just ain't cool these days) I decided to head out following his di-erections.

He told me the ride was behind a big ol' iron fence on a plantation.

I found the fence and started creeping around.

Following along the property I found the tracks to the underground railroad, Jimmy Hoffa's body, and some underwear and was about to give up when I noticed a big blue mass in the woods sticking out above the brush.

I moved in expecting an old Hudson, an F-100, or something cool.

When I cleared the thick as a 70's playboy models bushy covering I found a Ford Custom Van the reeked of stale malt liquor, English Leather, pot, tube tops and teen age sex 1970's style.

I hauled the beast out and found she was in pretty good shape.

I drained the fuel tank, changed the belts and plugs, and the old disco warrior fired right up.

She wanted to run!

I tried the ol' CB out and did a radio check and got all sorts of action from some dude called the Snowman who said he was east bound and down.

In the glove box I found out who was the last cat to register this thing, some dude named Jack Tripper.

As you can see this baby it a full on party barge love machine.

My buddy Phil the Cra-Gaaar man will be all over this ride.

He has a sweet El Camino I might be able to get him to trade for this good time van.