Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another installment of "Dear Rat Rod Rocker"

Time to dig into the old letter bag for another installment of "Dear Rat Rod Rocker."

First up is a letter from Monster Mike...

Dear Rat Rod Rocker,

Street Rod magazine and all the cool guys are building monster themed cars that look like monster heads, what is your take on this hot new trend?

Yours in rat rodding,

Monster Mike

Dear Monster Mike,

Pah Leeze dude...dat ain't nuthin new.

Check out these bad rides Hot Wheels did in the 1970's for reference.

Lets see, we got a devil head, a tall t on fire, a fire hydrant, and mexican hat/stach combo.  So you see, once again what it old is new.

And before some joker out there decides that they can add a "new" twist to this idea and do other body parts as cars just keep in mind how that worked out for a certain super hero duo on Saturday Night Live.  If you want to drive around in a "rod" rod go right ahead.

Go out on a limb and dare to be different, build a rod that looks like some a ratchet rod or a screw driver daily driver.  Nothing says cool like a tools driving tools!

Dear Rat Rod,

I am really afraid of getting hurt on sharp rusty rat rod parts so I want to do a glass car and fake the rust.  I have seen other cars done that way, any tips on how to do it?


Tetanus Tom

Sure Tom, get yourself a mop and a bucket of poo and smear it all over the fiberglass whatever you are building and hit it with clear and call it "kool."  Don't forget to dab it with tooth paste so it looks like bird pookey all over it, that says total street cred.

But instead of going the fake patina route why not just do a rat glass car and start a new trend.  Sand that gel coat down and get it good and fuzzy and park it under a really sappy tree and let nature do its work.  Fuzz it up like the sound track to a  60's biker movie.  A big plus will be the chicks you take out in it will get all itchy and need you to give them a "skratch."  

Sounds like a win to me baby!


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  2. Just shows that when you weld crap together, you get crap. Just a bigger pile!